AS-300 is calibrated, battery operated and an Ergonomic design


Material type : ABS Plastic
Temperature Measurement Range : -70 to 380°C
Response time : <2 seconds
Memory : Data can be stored on mobile device or the cloud
Battery : A batteries.Can be powered from a wall socket as well.
Interface : BLE V4.0 or above
Calibration : Factory Calibrated
Data download : CSV file (Customizable). can be readily uploaded to the cloud for instant analytics.
Warranty : 1 year
Label dimensions : 150mm x 85MM x 42MM
Case : Not require
Water proof/Water resistant : NO
Weight : 170gms


  • Device Compatible with Android OS and iOS
  • Tabular view of data on cell phone as well as cloud
  • Can be easily integrated into existing cloud solutions like AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.
  • Set maximum and minimum temperature range for recorded data
  • Find out the weighted average of the data
  • Alerts for temperature crossing the set threshold.
  • Extremely light weight
  • Data can be stored on mobile device and cloud
  • Reusable
  • Extremely cost effective

Download AS-300 Brochure

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