Rise of UWB and The Impact on Different Industry Verticals

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This week’s blog is how Ultra-wideband or “UWB” is expected to enable technological advancement? What is the Impact on Different Industry Verticals?

Ambimat Electronics, with its experience of over four decades as an ODM of IoT products, wishes to draw the attention of its customers and readers of blog posts towards this upcoming field.


In recent years, the increasing need to know the location of resources, such as people, equipment, and materials, has been rapidly expanding in a variety of industries in real-time. Some emerging radio frequency (RF)-based technologies have been proposed to facilitate resource tracking, for example, pipe spools and structural steel members tracking by Radio-frequency identification (RFID), vehicle tracking and collision detection using GPS, automated material tracking based on ZigBee localization technology. These technologies offer significant potential for improving important decision-making tasks by providing timely and accurate location information. As an innovative long-distance wireless location technology, there has been considerable interest in many applications based on UWB technology in several fields in the last few years.

Ultra-wideband Market and Top Applications

Real-time location system (RTLS) − UWB is one of the fastest-growing technologies adopted in RTLS systems, with a considerable growth potential due to its accuracy in tracking assets. A UWB-based RTLS system is a combination of hardware and software, forming an all-in-one platform, which operates in a large bandwidth spectrum that is generally greater than 500 MHz and is characterized by high accuracy. A UWB system can estimate positions based on received signal strength or time of arrival modes. The high accuracy in terms of location tracking of any object at a certain distance offered by the UWB solution makes it an ideal choice for several industrial applications, particularly in manufacturing. Indoor tracking in industrial environments requires precise localization.

Ultra-wideband Market and Top End-user Industries

Consumer Electronics − UWB would be the fastest-growing technology, which is expected to significantly improve the consumer’s experience related to home entertainment products, such as TVs, laptops, and audio equipment. UWB enables wireless connections at speeds of 110 Mbit/s and more significant, making it perfect for connecting televisions to home audio equipment. UWB meets the low power requirements of handheld electronics and provides the low-cost solution necessary for wide consumer adoption.

Healthcare − UWB technology is widely used in RTLS solutions to track and monitor hospital assets, patients, healthcare professionals, and hygiene inside the hospitals. Hospitals across North America and Europe spend a considerable amount toward replacing lost equipment and looking after medical equipment and people, both personnel and patients. In most cases, the assets’ precise location is the key parameter considered while designing RTLS solutions for the healthcare vertical. All these factors have created enormous opportunities for UWB-based RTLS solutions, which are usually used to track and monitor assets and people to increase the efficient workflow and enhanced patient throughput.

Retail − Retailers are looking for location-related information of products and employees in the store, combined with the ability to identify customers uniquely, employees, and goods in real-time. Using traditional techniques such as papers and barcodes, the stock-related information is lost while being distributed as the labels fell off, and the paperwork gets lost in retail stores. However, UWB-based tags provide the line of sight of the stock and staff, thereby ensuring speed and process efficiency.

Manufacturing − The manufacturing vertical poses a vast market potential for UWB-based RTLS solutions, mainly because of the rising adoption of RTLS solutions due to their asset, tool, and employee tracking and supply chain management capabilities, which are essential to get real-time data and improve the visibility of manufacturing processes in growing manufacturing companies in developing regions such as the Asia Pacific and RoW. UWB-based RTLS solutions can also track and monitor telemetry conditions such as humidity, pressure, and temperature of remote assets and vessels, improving workers’ safety and managing asset integrity.

Automotive & Transportation − The automotive and transportation industry has witnessed arrays of new and emerging UWB technology applications. For the past few years, wireless technology is majorly used in automobiles for radio reception and navigation purposes. Additionally, the introduction of advanced features in cars such as keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring has also led to the higher adoption of wireless data transmission techniques. In these techniques, wireless narrowband solutions ensure high reliability under the heterogeneous environment inside the automobiles.

Ambimat Electronics is at par with the latest trend and has expertise in UWB RF testing and labs equipped with the latest equipment to test & validate this technology. Ambimat Electronics can fine-tune these solutions as per one’s needs & demands on the go. UWB has a significant stake in the upcoming future. Ambimat Electronics is working on UWB based tech and strives to achieve cost-efficient yet reliable UWB based solutions for its customers.

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