The fourth industrial revolution ( or industry 4.0 ), as well as building management systems attempt to bring digital and physical technologies together to create responsive and interconnected operations. From the supply chain to the smart factory, enterprises are using AI, Robotics, hybrid edge, and cloud computing to make informed timely decisions all with one goal increase production efficiency while reducing overheads. One of the challenges of industry 4.0 is the availability of highly complex technologies in simple integration for machine manufacturers and end customers.

What AmbiAutomation Offers :

AmbiAutomation is Ambimat’s umbrella offering into Industrial Automation space. The offering is divided into two different components :

AmbiAutomation offers the ideal solution for bringing the power of the IIoT into your enterprise with Data Acquisition, Communication & connectivity and Analytics.

AmbiAutomation enables enhanced safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity in your business. By using advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, Analytics, and cyber security to deliver innovation at every level.

Industrial internet of things (IIoT):

Building the future industries requires innovative solutions that deliver openness, flexibility and unparalleled connectivity for safe and sustainable operations.

Smart HVAC:

AmbiAutomation Securely connects HVAC control systems and energy management system using IoT to monitor and help maximize building efficiency, optimize comfort and productivity and increase building value.

The rapid advancement of technology in industrial automation systems requires tighter integration between devices on the plant floor and the enterprise. This integration requires a secure network infrastructure, smart devices for efficient data collection, and turning data into actionable information.

Boost your power distribution system with AmbiAutomation

AmbiAutomation bridges the gap between the supply and demand sides with its digital architectures and services, providing an End-To-End software cycle (from design, build, operate to maintain) to help electricity utilities achieve a more sustainable future.

And, because the reliability of electricity supply and data integrity is critical, it helps protect against cyber-attacks by mitigating cyber risk. Thus, allowing utilities to sustain operational confidence.

Enable smart buildings with AmbiAutomation Building

AmbiAutomation helps modernize and future proof the existing and future building management infrastructure. Our collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) solution features a scalable, secure and global architecture to make buildings of all types innovative. AmbiAutomation securely connects hardware, software, and services to help you maximize building efficiency, optimize comfort and productivity and increase building value.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To safeguard the our highly connected world against cybercrime to create a safer and more secure work and personal environment.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To solve the IoT security problem.