AmbiIoT is Ambimat Electronics Services offering for customers who need to get their IoT products designed and own the IP of the product. With design experience of close to 4 decades AmbiIoT has designed products in over 20 different industry verticals including but not limited to Robotics, Smart Watches, Pubs and Breweries, Music, Medical electronics, retail environments etc.

Areas of Applications:-


In 2019 AmbiIoT designed the hardware for a Multi-therapeutic Wound Healing Device for an Indian Start-up. The device passed through ISO 13485 pre-certification testing in the first attempt.


In 2017, AmbiIoT designed a Wireless Technology mesh network of devices that could sense the thumbing of people on a dance floor and provide feedback to the DJ on the music that was being played.


In 2019 AmbiIoT designed a device to help remove the need to print paper receipts for users. In 2020 AmbiIoT has also designed a sanitizing device that can check temperature and run facial recognition technology as well on the users


We recently worked on this project in 2019 for an Indian start-up. One of our first projects in Robotics where Ambimat developed the control system for the robotic arm to be used by an upper limb amputee. The device passed through ISO 13485 pre-certification testing in the first attempt


In 2018 AmbiIoT designed a device Tag Tamper or UHF tags deliver a comprehensive set of high-performance designs for demanding applications that require long-distance radio frequency identification (RFID).


We developed a Sound Based Payment technology that enables contactless payments through sound waves. There is no dependence on any specific platform. The technology behind it enables payments on various devices such as smartphones, feature phones, card swipe machines, and point-of-sale devices.

How we can be the best fit for the customer.

At AmbiIoT we understand that even if there are two products that are to be designed for the same industry, they can be extremely different based on what the client was to offer to the end customer. We spend the time to completely understand all client needs upfront and work all the way from architecting the system to releasing gerber files for PCBs and subsequently board bring ups to make sure the design satisfies all agreed-upon specifications for the customer. With this unique methodology, we assure the best of service to our customers and assure them of complete transparency in our working as well as making sure their IP is protected with us.

We have a 7 step process that we offer to all our customers and the process can be accessed on:-

Ambimat Process