Design Services

Ambimat Electronics has been a design services company for almost 4 decades now. Such said, it is important to also diversify our portfolio with introduction of products that can be readily used by our customers without having to spend valuable R&D time on product development. Some of the products that we have stated are ready to use off-the-shelf products and services whereas some are products that need further or backward integration.

Areas of Applications:-

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) / Contract Manufacturing

Ambimat can build single side or multi-layer flexible PCBs to double-sided boards as well as multilayer RIGID boards up to 24 Layers.

Embedded Software Services

Our expertise is on higher-level programming languages like C and C++ as well as assembly level programming for a wide range of MCUs starting from the legacy processors like 8085 to the most recent ARM Cortex M series.

Hardware Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing

Ambimat has successfully realized projects for PCB design, layout, and fabrication of Multi-Layer PCBs ranging from two layers to twelve layers.

Java Card Applet

We take this opportunity to expand our AmbiSecure offering with custom Java Card Applet development as a service. We provide our customers with different kind of loyalty solutions, ID and club cards based on the Java Card OS.

Mobile App Development And Cloud Computing Services

At Ambimat with our ecosystem of partners, we also provide Cloud-based data aggregation and enterprise cloud platform integration with the Amazon AWS, Google IoT platform etc.

Outsourcing R&D and Design Partnerships

Ambimat supports customers who already have a design team and want an extra helping hand on specific parts of the design like taking a schematic design to a Gerber release or converting POCs into full-fledged products that can pass regulatory compliances on RF and Power supply front.

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply chain management wing has special rate ties with various local as well as global vendors from countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, United States etc. If the quantities are high we can also reach out directly to the manufacturers of the components and get the best rates possible.

Turn key Design and Development solutions

Ambimat has a history of working on all aspects of a product thus taking concepts to production.